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Ford Pencil nozzle,Diesel Fuel Injectors and Assemblies,Ford Pencil injector,pencil nozzles
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pencil nozzle 33408
pencil nozzle 26964
pencil nozzle 26632
+Head Rotor    
+Diesel Nozzle    
+Delivery Valve    
+Pencil Nozzle    
+VE Pump Parts  
Price: 1.00
Price: 1.00
Price: 1.00
+Fuel injectors          
+Standard oil injector          
+Test bench    
+Fuel injector parts    
+Nozzle tester          
+Marine Nozzle          
+Cat Nozzle          
+Manual Fuel Pump          
+CR injector    
+Common Rail Valve    
+Repair Kits    
+Delphi Spare Parts    
  Pencil Injectors  
Stanadyne No.
Ford, Europe No. Engine Type
894F-9K546-ABB / 894F-9E527-ABB Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 70k
894F-9K546-ACA / 894F-9E527-ACA Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 80k
954F-9E527-AC /954F-9K546-AC Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 70k
954F-9E527-BC / 954F-9K546-BC Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 76k
954F-9E527-DC / 954F-9K546-DC Ford Transit, 2,5 TDI, 100k
974F-9K546-CB / 974F-9E527-CB Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 70k
974F-9K546-DB / 974F-9E527-DB Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 76k
974F-9K546-FB / 974F-9E527-FB Ford Transit, 2,5 TDI, 100k
924F-9E527-CA Ford Transit, 2,5 DI, 70k
954F-9E527-CC Ford Transit, 2,5 TDI, 85k
974F-9E527-AD Ford Transit, 2,5 TDI, 85k
Pencil Injectors
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