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    Established since 1996, ChenChen Diesel Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist in diesel fuel injection parts & components.
    We have been exporting all kinds of diesel engine parts such as Diesel Nozzle, Element,Diesel Plunger,D.valve, Pencil nozzle,Head rotor,auto parts,covering most diesel fuel injection systems to all oversea markets for many years.
    Technical support and up to date information is readily available for most problems encountered with modern Diesel Common Rail Systems.
    If you have interests to cooperate with us ,please feel free to contact with us ,and let us provide more information for your reference .
    DieselPartsWorld team looks forward to serving you!


diesel nozzle
diesel plunger
pencil nozzle
diesel element
cam plate
supply pump
drive shaft
magnet valve
head rotor
nozzle tester
test bench
diesel nozzle
pencil nozzle
roller ring
ve pump
fuel injectors
injector parts
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